MIKASA Exclusive FiVB ball until 2016!
MIKASA Official Ball in Belgiums female Volleyball

ROI Sports is the Official distributor for Mikasa products in
Switzerland - Austria - Belgium - Bulgaria
MIKASA follows the longterm goal to maintain its position to be the most prestigeous Ball manufacturer worldwide as well as to become a vertically integrated sports company in the near future.

We will reach our goals by optimally invest our ressources and knowledge, in order to offer products to our customers which succesfully reflect the influences of the world of sports.

Official Headquarters:
Hiroshima (Japan)

Stock exchange:
The MIKASA stocks are 100% privately owned and are not traded.

Business fields:
Sporting Goods
Design, development and marketing of a wide range of sporting goods. Namely Athletic Balls, Textiles and Accessories.
Industrial Goods
Design, development and marketing of a wide range of industrial goods. Namely for tha naval- and aerospace industries.

MIKASA has partners in over 60 countries worldwide.

MIKASA produces in its own facilities (Japan, Thailand) as well as in partner facilities (China, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Italy).

Official company language:

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